WUT BS – India Study Visit- GOA Institute of Management

Szkoła Biznesu PW zaprasza do udziału w wyjeździe do GOA Institute of Management w Indiach  (GIM, GOA) www.gim.ac.in na Seminarium  „GIM-WUTBS India Immersion Program 2020”.  

Program pobytu w GIM  obejmuje wykłady w języku angielskim dotyczące ekonomii, życia społecznego i kulturalnego Indii, spotkania z lokalnymi  organizacjami oraz przedstawicielami biznesu, jak również zwiedzanie wybranych atrakcji regionu. Osoby, które wraz ze studentami programu Executive MBA Szkoły Biznesu PW chciałyby poznać Indie i ich rzeczywistość biznesową prosimy o przesłanie zgłoszenia na mail: Agnieszka.Felczak@biznes.edu.pl do dnia 29 listopada 2019.

Podstawowe informacje:
Termin wyjazdu i powrotu (z i do Warszawy):  14.02-23.02.2020 (10 dni). W drodze do GOA planowany jest 1 dzień pobytu w Delhi 15-16.02.2020.

Termin zajęć w GIM: 17-22.02.2020 (6 dni Seminarium).

Szacowana cena wyjazdu: ok 9.700,00 PLN obejmuje:
·         opłatę za organizację Seminarium:  5.600,00 PLN, w tym wyżywienie i zakwaterowanie w pokojach jednoosobowych, w akademiku na terenie campusu GIM.
·        opłaty za bilety lotnicze, wizę, ubezpieczenie, pobyt w Delhi, które Uczestnik dokonuje we własnym zakresie. 

Planowane loty:

Warszawa – Delhi – Warszawa (LOT)
14.02.20  z Warszawy 22:45 – 10:15+1 
23.02.20  z Delhi 12:05 – 16:05  
CENA z bagażem od około 2600 PLN 

Delhi – GOA – Delhi (AirIndia)
AirIndia lub inne linie, w zależności od ceny i dostępności lotów
16.02.20 z Delhi 10:55-13:15
23.02.20 z GOA 01:15 – 3:40 
Cena ok. 700 -800 PLN

O udziale w wyjeździe decyduje podpisanie umowy, której wzór przekażemy osobom zainteresowanym.

W przypadku pytań proszę o kontakt mailowy lub telefoniczny:  +48 (22) 2347064

HEADHUNTING DEMYSTIFIED – meeting with top experts on Nov 20th at 6PM

Come and watch the panel discussion

Revamp your knowledge of current possibilities on the market for your career advancement. SAAMBA organises a panel discussion and networking session with professionals in the areas of executive search, headhunting and career consultancy.
The top experts in the panel are Sandra Bichl from Career Angels, Carl Schander from exparang and Norrie Sinclair from Futures Inc.

We will answer the questions one has when thinking of changing your job. How to begin with? Whom to contact? Where to get help? How to contact headhunters or executive search agencies? You can also present your own questions to panel.

The discussion will be held on Wednesday November 20th starting with a networking session at 6.00 PM at WUT Business School (79 Koszykowa Str.). The meeting will be shared also via live streaming on our Facebook page. To sign up to the meeting please click here and fill in the form.

See you there!

Biographies of speakers:

Sandra is from Austria and started her international career in recruitment in June 2002 in Budapest, Hungary at TMP Worldwide (then Hudson) in the Legal Recruitment Department that has become Legalis.

She has worked with executives in CEE while being based in both Budapest and Warsaw, Poland. In June 2010 after a 2-year break in recruitment (Sales & Marketing Manager in Latin America), Sandra decided to change, though not moving in-house, but to what she likes calling “the third side” of the recruitment process: supporting executives in their job hunting process, mainly across Europe.

Sandra works in English, Polish, German and Spanish. She also speaks Portuguese and French.

Carl Schander

CEO & Co-founder of exparang

Based in Warsaw and Stockholm, Carl is an HR-tech entrepreneur who founded the startup exparang – an innovative AI-enabled platform for automated, personalized and unbiased recruitment matches in the executive search segment. With a strong track record in global Executive Search and Assessment from Russell Reynolds Associates and Heidrick & Struggles, Carl has advised across a wide range of industries and functions, with an edge in Private Equity related talent and career management in the Nordics.
Completing his M.Sc. in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics, Carl started his career as a Financial Analyst for the listed investment company Industrivärden.

Norrie Sinclair, originally from Scotland, first entered the world of recruitment in October 1990 with Michael Page Group, after graduating with a BA in Accounting and Finance from Napier University, Edinburgh.

Norrie spent 5 years in London with Michael Page before being feeling the pull of post Soviet Central Europe and, beginning Jan 1996, building an executive search and selection business in Budapest, Hungary for global search firm Nicholson International. Subsequently he did the same in Romania and became Regional Director for Nicholson International in CEE and Turkey where he lead a team of 60 consultants across six markets.

Seeing an opportunity in the world of online recruitment, although still in its infancy across much of Central and eastern Europe, Norrie joined a venture capital backed (3i, Esther Dyson, LHV) online recruiting company, CV-Online, as CEO,  turned it around and with a great team of people built it into one of the strongest players in the region (revenue growing from EUR400,000 to EUR25,000,000 by 2008). CV-Online was sold to a strategic investor in 2012, but Norrie and his management team MBO’d the recruitment company that they built alongside CV-Online, named CVO Recruitment, and is still an active participant in the business as an owner and director. 

When he relocated from Budapest to Warsaw in 2014 Norrie started building another recruitment company, Futures Inc., which he currently runs and spends most of his time on.

AGILE Transformation

We would like to thank all of participants for attending AGILE Transformation with SAAMBA meeting. Specially we want to thank Piotr Skrzypczyński (Head of Transformation & Agile | Change Management Director) from Agility Tide for sharing his knowledge and experience.
If you missed our meeting you can watch recorded presentation:

Agile transformation SAAMBA 11.06.2019

Learn more about AGILE TRANSFORMATION with SAAMBA – June 11, 2019 18:00

SAAMBA (WUT Business School Student and Alumni Association) invites you to hear more about this hot topic. The presentation will be held on Tuesday June 11th starting with a networking session at 6:00 pm at WUT Business School (79 Koszykowa Str.).

The presentation will be given by Piotr Skrzypczyński (Head of Transformation & Agile | Change Management Director) and Sergiusz Bezniakow (Global Product Owner | Enterprise Agile Mentor) from Agility Tide.


  1. Benefits – is it worth improving business agility, what benefits and ROI you can
  2. Agile Organizations – key models; culture, values and assumptions behind;  from
    cross-functional teams, agile projects, to enterprise level agility
  3. Transformation – this is a complex journey, how to build alignment across most of
    areas in your company and implement it smoothly?  
  4. Role of executive leaders in Agile Organizations – transition from a traditional,
    “command & control” management style to servant leadership and Management 3.0
    way of work

The meeting will be also shared via live streaming. The link will be sent to all who sign in.

To sign up to the meeting please kindly fill in attached form:

About Piotr and Sergiusz

Piotr Skrzypczyński
Head of Transformation & Agile | Change Management Director

Piotr has diversified experience in helping organizations become more efficient by running agile enterprise transformations. His key focus is in lean strategic planning, portfolio management, organizational structure redesign, and change management processes. Believes in healthy, pragmatic and never dogmatic – agile way of work. Combines best of both: traditional and agile way of work. Previous experience includes Santander Bank (as a change management director responsible for transforming portfolio of traditional +500 projects into product backlogs of newly created tribes & squads), DPD (leaded transformation of traditional way of work to dynamic, lean project structures and processes), Selena (as a head of group strategy execution, run transformational strategy roll out on 30 markets worldwide), ING (several product, customer experience and project management roles in Poland and Amsterdam).

As of 2019, Managing Partner at Agility Tide providing companies and individuals with expertise on enhancing agility. Services include: agile transformation design and implementation, coaching and mentoring at executive and operational levels, new agile leadership model based on Management 3.0, wide range of trainings.   

Sergiusz Bezniakow
Global Product Owner | Enterprise Agile Mentor

Combining diverse engineering background and exceptional business acumen Sergiusz helps organizations bridge the gap between technology and fast moving business for over 10 years now. Working with delivery teams all the way up to C-level executives, whenever it’s a digital transformation program or single project, he consults, mentors and steps in to accelerate adoption of agile principles and rituals with a single goal in mind – to let you gain an ultimate advantage. Multiple industries, hands-on experience includes such companies like BNP Paribas, Kreditech, AXA, Nationale-Nederlanden, PWPW and Netia.

As of 2019, Managing Partner at Agility Tide providing companies and individuals with expertise on enhancing agility. Services include: agile transformation design and implementation, coaching and mentoring at executive and operational levels, new agile leadership model based on Management 3.0, wide range of trainings. 

SAAMBA General Assembly Meeting – June 18, 2019 – 19:00

SAAMBA General Assembly Meeting of Members will take place 18.06.2019 at 7 PM in Warsaw University of Technology Business School at Koszykowa 79 street, Warsaw. The second term is scheduled for the same day at 8 pm.

[Polish version of the invitation is attached below]

Meeting agenda:

  • Checking the attendance list
  • Opening the meeting
  • Choosing the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting
  • Approving the agenda
  • Presentation by the Management Board of the activity report for the previous period
  • Presentation by the Management Board of the financial statements for previous period
  • Presentation by the Audit Committee of the activity report for the previous period
  • Approval of the financial statements
  • Acceptance of the activities report
  • Any other business
  • Closing the meeting

Open in pdf

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies – May 14, 2019 18:00


On behalf of SAAMBA, WUT Business School Student and Alumni Association, we would like to invite you to our next meeting. This is going to be great opportunity for knowledge and experience sharing related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies preceded by a presentation.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday May 14 at 6:30 pm in WUT Business School at 79 Koszykowa Str. The presentation will be given by our colleague Arek Królak, alumni of Executive MBA on WUT BS, the expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies related topics. We cordially invite you to join us at 6:00 pm for networking session.

During the meeting we can learn about what is blockchain – the underlying technology of Bitcoin and history of digital cryptocurrencies. We will learn how proof of work allowed decentralized, reliable and secure digital money for the first time, triple side accounting and Byzantine generals problem. We will listen about limitations of bitcoin prototype and ways to address them, Ethereum – next level of blockchain based decentralized infrastructure. private and public blockchains and also about current challenges an what is ahead of blockchain.

To sign up to the meeting please kindly fill in attached form:


1% Tax

The SAAMBA Association is a non-governmental organization with the registered public benefit status. Funds raised by the Association are used to finance open trainings, workshops and seminars. Thanks to this activity both the members and the guests of SAAMBA can take advantage of this opportunity to acquire additional knowledge, free of charge or at a minimal fee. If you submit your annual tax return form with the Polish tax authorities, you can donate 1% of your income tax to SAAMBA by entering our KRS number in the relevant field on your tax return form. In this way you will contribute directly to the increase of the number of such educational projects, from which both you and your environment will benefit. In this way our Association will also contribute to the economic development of the country, which may be the most far-sighted way of giving back to society, gradually increasing everyone’s well-being.

If you agree with us, please donate 1% of your income tax to SAAMBA – thank you!

KRS SAAMBA: 0000113691

Business Mixer! – Feb, 28 7:30 PM

On behalf of SAAMBA, WUT Business School Student and Alumni
Association, we would like to invite you to the kick-off Business Mixer! With
the start of new year and change of SAAMBA Management, we would like
to get to know you and turn a new leaf in SAAMBA history. The event will
start at 7.30 PM on Feb, 28 – preceded by a WUT BS-organized meeting with Revolut
company, one of the fastest growth finetchs in Europe. To sign up to our SAAMBA
business mixer please kindly fill in attached form
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cfF9u9wbI0HlZ–abOsoaklROnI1IhD2Ie7hCBRiDsY/ .