SAAMBA General Assembly Meeting – June 18, 2019 – 19:00

SAAMBA General Assembly Meeting of Members will take place 18.06.2019 at 7 PM in Warsaw University of Technology Business School at Koszykowa 79 street, Warsaw. The second term is scheduled for the same day at 8 pm.

[Polish version of the invitation is attached below]

Meeting agenda:

  • Checking the attendance list
  • Opening the meeting
  • Choosing the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting
  • Approving the agenda
  • Presentation by the Management Board of the activity report for the previous period
  • Presentation by the Management Board of the financial statements for previous period
  • Presentation by the Audit Committee of the activity report for the previous period
  • Approval of the financial statements
  • Acceptance of the activities report
  • Any other business
  • Closing the meeting

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1% Tax

The SAAMBA Association is a non-governmental organization with the registered public benefit status. Funds raised by the Association are used to finance open trainings, workshops and seminars. Thanks to this activity both the members and the guests of SAAMBA can take advantage of this opportunity to acquire additional knowledge, free of charge or at a minimal fee. If you submit your annual tax return form with the Polish tax authorities, you can donate 1% of your income tax to SAAMBA by entering our KRS number in the relevant field on your tax return form. In this way you will contribute directly to the increase of the number of such educational projects, from which both you and your environment will benefit. In this way our Association will also contribute to the economic development of the country, which may be the most far-sighted way of giving back to society, gradually increasing everyone’s well-being.

If you agree with us, please donate 1% of your income tax to SAAMBA – thank you!

KRS SAAMBA: 0000113691