Blockchain and cryptocurrencies – May 14, 2019 18:00


On behalf of SAAMBA, WUT Business School Student and Alumni Association, we would like to invite you to our next meeting. This is going to be great opportunity for knowledge and experience sharing related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies preceded by a presentation.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday May 14 at 6:30 pm in WUT Business School at 79 Koszykowa Str. The presentation will be given by our colleague Arek Królak, alumni of Executive MBA on WUT BS, the expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies related topics. We cordially invite you to join us at 6:00 pm for networking session.

During the meeting we can learn about what is blockchain – the underlying technology of Bitcoin and history of digital cryptocurrencies. We will learn how proof of work allowed decentralized, reliable and secure digital money for the first time, triple side accounting and Byzantine generals problem. We will listen about limitations of bitcoin prototype and ways to address them, Ethereum – next level of blockchain based decentralized infrastructure. private and public blockchains and also about current challenges an what is ahead of blockchain.

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Business Mixer! – Feb, 28 7:30 PM

On behalf of SAAMBA, WUT Business School Student and Alumni
Association, we would like to invite you to the kick-off Business Mixer! With
the start of new year and change of SAAMBA Management, we would like
to get to know you and turn a new leaf in SAAMBA history. The event will
start at 7.30 PM on Feb, 28 – preceded by a WUT BS-organized meeting with Revolut
company, one of the fastest growth finetchs in Europe. To sign up to our SAAMBA
business mixer please kindly fill in attached form–abOsoaklROnI1IhD2Ie7hCBRiDsY/ .